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by Odd Year

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released November 12, 2010



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Track Name: Waiting In The Wings (ft. Brian Hazard of Color Theory)
Maybe this is precisely as it should be
Maybe this is the fabled man of your dreams
Maybe you never noticed my overtures
Maybe given the chance you’ll see I’ve matured

Another plotline
Another script
The me in another life
Would win you over
To snatch you up
And claim you as my wife
Until you stamp out
My stubborn schemes
Of churches and matching rings
I’ll be content to bide my time
Waiting in the wings

Maybe you wanted more but thought it too late
Maybe you’re not the type to challenge your fate
Maybe I’m nothing more than comic relief
Maybe offered the proof you’ll shed that belief.

Waiting in the Wings
©2009 Brian Hazard (ASCAP)